Food Safety HACCP Audits

We are here to help your business prepare your staff for Food Inspections
We are here to help your business succeed.  We can do this by conducting Audits to address non-compliances with suggested resolutions; Score our Audits to assist you in monitoring your progress – The Confidence in Management; and to prepare your staff for Food Inspections. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) helps food businesses review and improve how they handle food. It’s a proven system that ensures the food you produce is safe to eat. If your business serves food, you’re required by law to have a food safety management system based on HACCP.
Food safety Audits

    The Audit

    All food Business wanting to improve and maintain their standards.  We see what your staff may forget! An External and Independent Audit will help you take remedial action before the Inspectors issue Improvement Notices.  Be prepared.  Always One Step Ahead!


    HACCP  Training

    Who is this course for?
    • Food operatives who need to support food safety management
    • Employees within food retail premises handling food
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Food Safety Training

Comply with Legislation and Commit to Food Safety with CIEH Accredited Certification
Food Safety enables your Food Business to Comply with Legislation and Commit to Food Safety
Food Safety

    Level 2 for Food Handlers

    Who is this course for?
    • Food handlers preparing or cooking food for consumers
    • Anyone wishing to refresh previously learned skills and knowledge
    • Businesses looking to provide staff development to food employees
    • Self-employed, food-based small business owners



    Level 3 for Supervisors and Managers

    Who is this course for?
    • Anyone involved in supervising and managing others in a food environment
    • Those wishing to progress from the Foundation Certificate in Food Safety


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Management Training

Project Management; HACCP; Conflict Resolution and more...
We will help Managers with Project Management; HACCP; and Conflict Resolution
Process of Engagement
  • Initial Consultation
    Pre-Assessment of Suitable Match
    Review Budget and Milestones
    SLAs - Service Level Agreements
    Service Implementation

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